Terms and Conditions of Rentals
This page provides our standard terms and conditions of rental for all guests to review.

Gore Mountain Accommodations, Inc. hereinafter referred to as GMA, or the owner of the property, hereinafter referred to as the Owner, offer the short term rental/letting of the Property named on the Rental Agreement (a copy is supplied on booking of your vacation property), to the person of 21 years or over named as the Party leader, referred to as the Tenant, and to the named party members (on the Rental Agreement), hereinafter referred to as the Guests under the terms set out below.

GMA is the representative and agent for various owners of homes and townhouses in the Gore Mountain and Schroon Lake Regions. Therefore, GMA has a duty to make decisions in the best interest of the homeowner. GMA is responsible for: 1) making reservations; 2) collecting the rent and security deposits; 3) making sure the premises are open and ready for occupancy; 4) after the Tenant vacated the Premises, checks for excessive wear and tear to the Premises, smoke damage, excessive long distance phone usage, and missing items from the inventory; 5) makes a determination on charges for the above items.

Payment policy: Balance is due upon arrival. Office hours are between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. If a Tenant or Guest is arriving after office hours on the Arrival Date, the Tenant and/or Guest shall call 1-800-666-3757 one day prior to arrival to find out how to access the home. Failure to check-in before noon on the day after the Arrival Date will result in a $100.00 increase (plus tax) in the rental rate. All funds will be in U.S. funds.

Cancellation: If you cancel more than 14 days before your Arrival Date GMA will refund your Deposit and Security Deposit less a $25.00 booking fee. If you cancel 14 days or less, you agree to forfeit your Deposit unless GMA can re-book the unit at the same price. There is no refund for unused portions of any stays.

Occupants: At no time shall the Premises be occupied by anyone other than the Tenant and their Guests. The Tenant acknowledges and agrees that the Premises are too small for cocktail parties, receptions, or partying by friends who may be staying in the area. If at any time anyone other than the Tenant and their Guests are found in the Premises, a $250.00 charge will be added to the rental rate. If persons other than the Tenant or their Guests are in the Premises, GMA will require that all other individuals vacate the Premises immediately. If persons other than the Tenant and the Guests refuse or fail to vacate the Premises immediately, the Tenant and the Guests will be in violation of this Agreement, and upon demand by GMA’s staff, the Tenant and Guests will be required to immediately vacate the Premises.

Pets: Under no conditions are pets allowed in home or on the property. Tenant will be responsible for cleaning of the carpets, washing of walls to get rid of any potential dander, furniture, bedspreads/quilts and draperies. This will usually exceed $700.00. There is automatic loss of security deposit.

Smoking in the Premises: No smoking is allowed in the home. The cost of cleaning, furniture, carpets, drapes, and walls due to the smell of smoke is in excess of $600.00. The Tenant agrees to pay all cleaning charges within 14 days of billing.  Automatic loss of security deposit.

Ordinances and Statues: The Tenant and Guests shall comply with the terms and conditions set forth herein and all rules and regulations of the municipality, the subdivision or the town house development, in which the Premises is located. Failure of the Tenant and/or their Guests to comply with such rules and regulations, terms and conditions will result in GMA demanding that the Tenants and Guests immediately vacate the Premises with no refund.

Upkeep of Premises: The Tenant and Guests shall leave the Premises in as good a condition as they found it excepting normal wear and tear. Under no conditions shall the Tenant or Guest leave dirty dishes. The Tenant agrees to place dirty dishes in the dishwasher, add an appropriate amount of low detergent soap (cascade or Sun Light, etc.) and start the dishwasher. Extra kitchen work will be billed back to the Tenant at the rate of $25.00 per hour. The Tenant agrees to put all garbage and recyclables in the appropriate dumpster, garbage can or recyclable container on the property they are renting.

Assignment and Subletting: The Tenant shall not assign this Agreement. If the Tenant cannot make the trip for any reason, GMA will attempt to rent the Premises to a third party. The Tenant shall not allow friends and/or family to use the Premises unless GMA and the prospective tenant enter into a new Agreement. GMA will work with the Tenant with respect to transferring the rights under this agreement to the new tenant if at all reasonable possible. This is usually accomplished through Fax or E-mail. Under no conditions will this be allowed with anyone under 21 years of age.

Security Deposits: The Tenant agrees to deposit with GMA the sum of $250.00 per rental, to secure the rental of the home (“Security Deposit”). The Security Deposit is due with the return of this Agreement and may be made by personal check, money order, traveler’s checks, or bank check. Credit Cards will not be accepted for the Security Deposit. The Security Deposit will be deposited in GMA’s Escrow Account at Citizen's Bank in North Creek. The Tenant hereby grants GMA the right to deduct from the Security Deposit all costs associated with violating the terms and conditions of this Agreement (including but not limited to repairing, cleaning or replacing items, furnishings, or property, damaged by the Tenant, Guests or visitors to the Premises). The Tenant is responsible for all acts or omissions of the Guests. The Tenant acknowledges that the Security Deposit may be insufficient to cover the cost of the damage, extra charges, cleaning, abuse of long distance phone calls, theft of personal property, etc. If the Security Deposit is insufficient to cover such costs, the Tenant agrees to pay all additional costs associated with such damage, abuse, extra charges, cleaning, etc.

Utilities: The Owner shall make every effort to provide local phone service, cable or satellite service, and energy to heat the home. However, GMA nor the homeowners are responsible due to acts of God (bad weather, trees falling over lines, cut wires, or power outages) and other causes outside of GMA’s control, that affect the provision of such utilities. In order to alleviate unnecessary utility charges any Tenant or Guest leaving windows, doors or storm doors open during the winter will be assessed $20.00 per reminder. Long distance phone calls will be charged back with an additional $15.00 surcharge for any day that a homeowner feels the long distance phone service has been abused. Cell phones seldom work in our remote area. Please purchase a calling card. They are usually very inexpensive.

Right of Entry: The Owner and GMA reserve the right to enter the Premises at all reasonable hours for the purpose of inspection and, whenever necessary, to make repairs to the Premises.

Damage to the Premises: The Tenant shall inform GMA as soon as possible of all accidents, damages, losses, etc. affecting the premises. With respect to damage to the Premises, the Tenant shall be responsible for the cost of all damage caused by the Tenant or the Guests. GMA’s staff will attempt to give the Tenant an estimate of the cost to repair such damage. However, the final cost may be higher or lower. A detailed list of repair costs will be sent to the Tenant.

Enforcement Costs, Venue and Jurisdiction: The tenant agrees to pay all costs, without limitation (e.g., court costs, attorney fees, etc.), associated within forcing this Agreement. The Tenant also agrees that all actions or proceedings related to this Agreement shall be heard in the Town Court of Johnsburg, NY or any other appropriate court located in Warren County, NY. The Tenant acknowledges that GMA is an agent of the Owner and therefore the Tenant expressly agrees to permit the Town Court of Johnsburg to decide any action that is within its monetary limitations and also agrees to waive any right to remove the action or proceeding based on the fact that GMA is a corporation.

Statues: The Tenant acknowledges and agrees that this Agreement is for the rental of a vacation home for a relatively short period of time and therefore should not be afforded protections under New York statues regarding monthly and yearly rental agreements.

Insufficient Funds: Returned checks for insufficient funds will be assessed $40.00.



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